Living Wisely In 2018

I wish you a happy new year and  welcome you into 2018. As we have entered a new year, perhaps one of the most important question on the minds of many believers especially would be “what is the will or purpose of God for my life in 2018?” It is the right question to be … Continue reading Living Wisely In 2018

Journeying Through The New Year

A new year is here with us. Many may have entered 2017 with so called declarations and prophecies from their church leaders. These declarations are annual rituals. In a repetitive cycle, the year ends and begins again with these same promises. These are just falsehoods. However, sadly, many Christians fall for these falsehoods. There are … Continue reading Journeying Through The New Year

Your Breakthrough Will Not Be Sudden And Dramatic In 2016!

Prior to entering the year, many churches made declarations about 2016 accompanied by weeks of prayer and fasting. Members of these churches, by the declarations of their leaders are promised breakthroughs and miracles during the year. These declarations and promises are annual rituals. However, often times, the year ends without any of the promises being … Continue reading Your Breakthrough Will Not Be Sudden And Dramatic In 2016!

Transiting 2015: The Bigger Picture

Today is 31st December, 2015 and in a few hours, 2015 will come to a close ushering in a new year 2016. For many, today is the day they are most pious; as they reflect over the passing year and frantically prepare themselves to enter the New Year with new resolve. I know people who … Continue reading Transiting 2015: The Bigger Picture

The Resolution Every Christian Should Make in 2016

In just a few days, we will be entering a new year--2016. It is that period of the year, when New Year resolutions are made. Resolutions are good; they give us the opportunity to make adjustments to our lives. I am convinced you are going to -- if you have not started already--write down resolutions … Continue reading The Resolution Every Christian Should Make in 2016